Sept 2015- The Oklahoman – Building Codes Continue to be Review – Building Summit in Oklahoma City. 
McCarty said that only about one-third of the 10,000-12,000 homes built in Oklahoma last year adhered to the present code. “There isn’t a lot of education. That needs to happen,” he said, noting that he did present an update on the state code process at the recent Oklahoma Building Summit in Oklahoma City. Read more here:  Oklahoman-Sept-5-2015-Summit-Codes

Tornado-oklahoma-homesNew York Times 2013- “Why No Safe Room to Run To? Cost and Plains Culture” The Web site for the City of Moore, Okla., recommends “that every residence have a storm safe room or an underground cellar.” It says below-ground shelters are the best protection against tornadoes. Read more…

Daily Oklahoman- 08/18/11- “Tornado Alley upgrade recommended for new houses in Oklahoma City “ Norman-based C.A. McCarty Construction, in response to the especially deadly storm season this year and Bordeau’s prodding, plans to offer customers a high-wind option, said owner Curtis McCarty. Read more…

Edmond Sun – 08/27/11 – “Home Builder Strikes at Future Storm Damage”
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The Journal Record 08/26/11 -“Withstanding the Winds” Read more.

Norman Transcript- 08/28/11 – “Norman Builder Takes Action” Read more.

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Daily Oklahoman- 08/27/11 “Edmond and Norman boost Oklahoma City-area Homebuilding Numbers” Some of the increased building in Norman and Edmond could be because buildable lots caught up in receivership for months have been acquired by builders who are working them back into the market, said Curtis McCarty, owner of C.A. McCarty Construction, based in Norman. Plus, McCarty said, “Foreclosures are down and the houses are sold and off the market and sold and builders are building again.” Read more.

Daily Oklahoman – 8/27/11- “Homebuilders work to tie down safety against tornadoes” Slender steel straps, almost elegant in their simplicity, could make all the difference in a house if a tornado tears through the area. photo – Homebuilder Curtis McCarty, owner of C.A. McCarty Construction, shows an anchor bolt and high-wind strapping bracket features recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency at a house he is building at 4748 Ridgeline in Norman. Read more.

Norman Transcript 08/02/09 – “McCarty leads the pack in innovative energy-efficient home solutions. Curtis McCarty constantly strives to lead the pack in innovative energy-efficient home solutions. Read The Norman Transcript’s article.